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Shisha by Crysart

The home of premium-quality shisha/hookah glass water bases. We are proud to use only the best, traditional techniques to craft products of unrivaled quality. We can work to your precise spec to design and produce exquisite glassware guaranteed to be.


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Always Original, Always Unique!

We are passionate about the intrinsic beauty of fine glassware. We also understand the need for first-class design to present that beauty to the fullest degree. Whether you have a fully-finished design or a looser spec/general idea in mind, we can work with you to design, develop, and execute something uniquely special. We will take your unique design and transform it into a fully finished, handcrafted shisha/hookah glass base.

Who We Work With

Our clients consist mainly of dealers and wholesalers of hookah/shisha equipment.

Our unique and stylish products are suggestive of elegance, sophistication and class. If you’re seeking the best in high-end shisha/hookah water bases then our range is sure to appeal. Whether you sell direct to the public, or resell to retailers or dealers, when you offer Crysart products you can be confident that you’re offering the quality your buyers expect.


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