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Shisha by Crysart

About Us

Crysart is owned by Bohemia Commercial Center. We are based in the Czech Republic, and our range is sold throughout Germany and other European Union countries.

Bohemia Commercial Center is a collective of elite, artisan glassware producers, each utterly dedicated to their craft. From the time of our foundation in 1993 we have been consistently committed to excellence. We work with only the finest materials such as crystal glass and 24% lead crystal, to produce a level of quality that’s clearly visible in our finished products.


We’re proud to say that we’ve rejected the shortcuts associated with modern mass-production. Instead, we remain focused on traditional values such as bespoke design, unparalleled quality of execution, and unbeatable customer service. This is the reason we believe in producing hand-made products designed especially by our highly-qualified and experienced artists. Each artist on our team brings their own vision and creative flair to their work - and the result is something uniquely expressive of their talents.

Crysart is a brand associated with excellence in the world of premium glassware.

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