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Shisha by Crysart


We can work with you to create an original shisha/hookah water base of premium-quality. Our products are defined by their unmatched beauty and refinement. Traditional workmanship of an unequaled standard goes into the creation of every piece we sell.

We do not simply stock ready-made products, rather we work to your spec to produce something elegant, beautiful, and, above all, completely unique.

Premium Products

We are dedicated to providing you with premium products designed to match all your expectations. Our Shisha bowls are designed meticulously to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Our artisan producers each bring their own creative touch to their work - producing visionary designs in styles ranging from classically traditional, to on-trend and contemporary. Whatever style your customers desire, you can be confident that shisha bowls by Crysart will meet their needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Unlike many producers - who place profits before quality - we remain committed to the premier status of our designs, materials, and craftsmanship. When you buy from Crysart you can be sure you’re buying the very best.

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